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Top Ten Things to Do in Cook Islands

Top ten things to do in cook islands

Top Ten Things to Do in Cook Islands

Here are my top ten things to do in Cook Islands. In no particular order:

1. Hike to the Needle Rock

This is a hike that takes you across the entire island of Rarotonga. You will have beautiful scenery to view in all directions. The pinnacle point is the Needle Rock, also called Te Rua Manga. The hike takes about 4 hours. You can read more about Hiking to the Needle here.

Hike to the Needle in rarotonga

2. Wigmore’s Waterfall

The waterfall is great especially on a hot day. You can combine this with the hike to the Needle, or just do this as a smaller excursion. You can walk here from the main road not too far from the Wigmore’s Superstore. The locals love to go swimming at the waterfall, and you can too.

top ten things to do in cook islands

3. Night market

Top Ten Things to Do in Cook Islands

The Night Market is open four nights of the week. You can taste local cuisine from twenty or so vendors. They have some awesome veggie curry with rice. The ice cream truck was very popular. The fruit smoothies were tasty too. The night market is in Muri village, right next door to the Muri Beachcomber hotel. 

Top Ten Things to Do in Cook Islands

4. Jet Blast area

Jet Blast are was super fun experience for me. There are two locations to do this: at each end of the airport near what looks like farm land and on the sidewalk of the road that basically borders the ocean. You can see and feel airplanes taking off and landing. Gets super windy! Check the times when the big planes land – small planes don’t give that big of a blast.

top ten things to do in cook islands

5. Bicycle around Rarotonga

You can bicycle around Rarotonga in one day. It’s fun, but expect your butt to hurt by the end of the day if you are not used to cycling.


6. Paddleboard

I learned how to paddle board in Rarotonga. I love it now. Some of the hotels rent paddle boards and some of them even give them out for free use for their customers. Kayaking is also fun for exploring the waters.

Top ten things to do in cook islands

7. Walk on the beach

Go to the beach and enjoy the views. I especially recommend the Titikaveka Beach. Also Muri Beach is beautiful. Both are super quiet and the sand is white. The water is warm and lovely.

Best beaches cook islands

8. Enjoy tasty restaurants

My top three Restaurants in the Cook Islands are here.

Best Places to eat in Rarotonga

9. Visit Aitutaki

I loved Aitutaki! It is different from Rarotonga. It’s quieter, greener and laid back.

Top Ten Things to do in Cook Islands

10. Lagoon Cruise in Aitutaki

To round up the top ten things to do in Cook Islands: Take a Lagoon Cruise from Aitutaki. You can visit smaller islands, like Akaiami, Moturakau and Tapuaetai (also known as the One Foot Island).

top ten things to do in cook islands

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